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Courses And Services

Calender Of Events 2014

March 15                   Convocation XXIst Course for Formators    

April 1-5                    Psycho-spiritual Renewal Course

April 10-13               Psycho-spiritual retreat for Couples

April 24-29                 Psycho-spiritual Retreat for Sisters  

May 4-27                 One month Short Course for Formators

June 22                   Inauguration: XXIIst One year Course MA Course for Formators

October 4-6               Course for Midlife Transitions

December 26-29            Leadership Course



1.Danahalaya Institute of Formation

Long-term courses

Two-year Master’s Level Course in Christian Formation and Clinical Psychology

               The course aims at giving professional formation to those who aspire to engage in formatory roles such as formators, superiors, teachers, counsellors and therapists. The Master’s level course is such a venture to equip them with an integrated vision of clinical psychology from a Christian formatory perspective. We follow the curriculum of IGNOU M.A. Clinical Psychology together with 12 modules of courses based on Christian anthropology and formation. The students will be given personal Vocational Growth Sessions as well as clinical experience in different institutions. This course aims to develop the skills of diagnosis and psychotherapy mainly from a psychodynamic perspective.

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One-year Advanced Course for Formators.

              The course is a special programme designed for those in facilitatory positions, and people who serve others – formation personnel (religious & priestly formators), superiors, spiritual guides, those in any helping position or those aspiring to do so. The course integrates current issues and insights in the field of formation ministry.

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 The syllabi cover:

CFC 101 Introduction to Psychology  
CFC 102 Developmental Psychology 
CFC 103 Personality Theories
CFC 104 Prayer
CFC 105 Formation
CFC 106 Anthropology of Christian Vocation
CFC 107 Psychopathology 
CFC 108 Personality Assessment
CFC 109 Family Elements in Vocational Discernment 
CFC 112 Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
CFC 113 Group Therapy: Theory and Practice
CFC 114 Leadership in Community Life
CFC 115 Spirituality in General
CFC 117 Spirituality of Fathers
CFC 118 Spirituality of the Religious
CFC 119 Gospel Values
CFC 120 Psycho-sexual Integration in Celibate life
CFC 121 Vocational Growth Sessions (Personal Accompaniment)
CFC 122 Biographical Assessments and Discernment
CFC 123 Formation Ethics and Canon Law
CFC 124 Training for Depth Interview
CFC 125 Practicum (4)
CFC 126 Communication Skills
CFC 127 Spiritual Direction
CFC 128 Monastic Experience
CFC 129 Counselling Skills

2.Danahalaya Centre for Psycho-spiritual Renewal

Short term courses

             The centre offers programmes of short duration (ranging from 3 days to one month) for those who are not able to spare one full year for such courses. There are four courses, which are essentially extension services for the personal renewal of those who participate in such programmes.

One Month Mini Course for Formators

             This is a one month course specially designed for formators. It attempts at dealing with the question of how freedom to respond responsibly to one’s vocation is hampered by certain internal psychological blocks that can affect his or her motivation. The course deals with the issue of facilitating psycho-spiritual growth by healing and growth-oriented helping techniques of counselling and spiritual direction.

             Through classes and other practical sessions the participants are helped to become aware of their own blocks, lest they may project them to their formees, and to train themselves into the skills of counselling and spiritual direction.

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Coping with Midlife

           The course deals with a better appreciation of the transitions that take place in the middle age of priests and the religious from a psycho-spiritual perspective

Leadership in Religious Communities 

           The course addresses various issues involved in the ministry of leadership such as group formation, conflict resolution, building up of a caregiving environment, leadership styles, values and skills of leadership, etc.  It aims at better understanding of the dynamics of group and the leader-follower relationship which underlie the normal growth of any Christian community.

Relationship Styles and the Process of Formation

            Every person has a distinctive relationship style which affects his or her cognition, and internalization capacities. John Bowlby’s attachment theory and research enrich the understanding of our attachment styles which interact with the process of formation. This short course aims at a brief analysis of the theory and its application in the field of formation.

Counselling Course for Pastors

1.A short counselling course for pastors in 20 one-day sessions

2.Classes on Tuesdays


Couple’s Retreat

             The centre offers a unique opportunity to the couples for understanding the behavioural styles of each one and thus improve the quality of their interactions.


3.Danahalaya Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling

Counselling and Psychotherapy:

             The service is open to all persons irrespective of caste and creed to profit from counselling, psychotherapy, and consultation. Individual, family, and group psychotherapy and counselling are offered at the centre.

Individual Therapy and Spiritual Direction:

              In the context of the ever-increasing need for spiritual and psychological growth, the centre offers personal awareness oriented therapy programme and spiritual direction to the priests and the religious.

Vocational-Motivational Assessment:

               The centre offers a two-week programme for priestly and religious candidates for helping them discern their vocational motivation.


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