centre for psycho-spiritual integration and renewal .

Research Publications


            Danahalaya maintains creative and critical reflections on formation and formation ministry through its research oriented biannual periodical, Roopikaranabhashyam. This periodical has completed 6 years of its publication.

  Managing Editor: Rev. Dr. Tomy Tharayil
  Chief Editor: Rev. Fr. Thomas Kanjooparampil, M.A., M. Phil.

Editorial Board Members:

    Rev. Dr. Timothy J. Costello, SM., (Gregorian University, Rome)
    Dr. Mathew Vellanickal
    Dr. Thomas Srampickal
    Dr. George Manalel
    Sr. Geo Maria M.Phil
    Sr. Ajaya MSJ
    Dr. Jojy Madappatt
    Prof. Jaicymol Augustine M.A
    Dr. Aloysius Parathazham CST
    K.A. Sebastian PGDPM, PSTA

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