centre for psycho-spiritual integration and renewal .


Danahalaya Institute Of Formation..

About us


Danahalaya has three centres :

             I.Danahalaya Institute of Formation, which organises a year-long certificate  programme and a two-year Master’s level programme for formators, 

           II.Danahalaya Centre for Psycho-spiritual Renewal, which conducts various short- term programmes aimed at  better self-awareness and renewal

       III.Danahalaya Centre for Psychotherapy and Counselling, which renders services of counselling and spiritual direction to laity, priests, and religious, and of assessment of candidates for religious and priestly life. Functionally, it is a national centre for the entire church and caters to the needs of all people irrespective of their caste and creed.

           Danahalaya, Punnapra is a unit of the Religious and Charitable Institutions registered under the Archdiocese of Changanacherry with Registration No.C.No.Trust/INST/71/(A)/73-74 dated 1st February 1974.It is situated in Punnapra on the outskirts of the historic town of Alappuzha. Punnapra is noted for its scenic beauty and atmosphere of solitude. The unique building of Danahalaya stands on a small plot of land donated by St. Gregorios Parish, Punnapra. Danahalaya came into existence with the blessing of Archbishop Mar Joseph Powathil on 1st June 1992. Originally conceived as a centre for psychological and spiritual help for people belonging to the dioceses and religious congregations in India, it currently functions as a house of conscientization, training, affirmation and healing.

           The Mission

The name ‘Danahalaya’, expresses the vision, mission and dynamics of the Centre. ‘Danaha’ (a Hebrew word, based on Jesus’ Baptism, where He was manifested Mt 3:16-17) means manifestation and ‘Alaya’ (a Sanskrit Word) means abode. The name Danahalaya points to the participants’ painful process of growth through self-discovery, self-manifestation, and self-integration. The final destination of this growth process is to discover the “Father (God) in oneself and in all things and all things in God”. Integration with Christ is the goal of this Institute.

           The mission of Danahalaya is based on the Christian perspective of human being created in the image and likeness of God. Although he/she basically is good and carries great dignity, the proclivity to evil drives him/her to disharmonious ways of living inconsistent with the ideal. Ultimately Christ’s Grace alone can heal this weakness and retrieve the goodness and productivity. In the process of internalisation of such awareness, he/she needs help, guidance, and support for personal growth. Hence the mission (and vision) of this centre is to develop it both as an institute for training and as a home of affirmation and healing for promoting holistic growth.


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